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Therapeutic dosages of a synergistic blend of the activated forms of B vitamins, botanical extracts and sensoril ashwagandha to help improve energy levels, promote mental clarity, inhibit fatigue, and tension.

Emerald Laboratories is formulated by Dr. Mark Stengler, Author of Prescription for Natural Cures. Dr. Stengler validates all Emerald Laboratories products with the help of blood panels drawn from patients in his La Jolla, CA medical practice.

Known as America’s Natural Doctor to his patients, readers and audiences across North America, Mark Stengler is a licensed naturopathic medical doctor. He is also a well-known author and lecturer with expertise in nutrition, herbal therapy, vitamin therapy, homeopathy, natural hormone replacement and integrated medicine. His passion is to combine the best of conventional and natural medicine to achieve optimized health for his patients. Dr. Stengler has personally formulated each of the new Emerald Laboratories Condition-Specific products according to the high standards of his health practice.

Emerald Laboratories products are: Raw Whole-Food Based Formulas for Enhanced Absorption & Bioavailability. Formulated by Dr. Mark Stengler. Therapeutic Doses with Clinical Results. 100% Additive-Free – No Magnesium Stearate. Gluten-Free Formulas. Purity Tested – cGMP Certified Facility. Every Product in Vegetable Capsules.

All Emerald (Ultra) Laboratories products are produced at Emerald (Ultra) Laboratories in our own cGMP-Certified Facility in Carson, CA. Emerald (Ultra) Laboratories has an “in-house” laboratory where ALL raw ingredients are tested. We also test ALL finished goods for any microbial and pathogenic contamination.SUPPORTS HEALTHY ADRENAL FUNCTION & RELAXATION: This additive free formula supports adrenal function and helps you to control your cortisol levels. Contains great ingredients like ashwagandha and rhodiola extracts that helps promote relaxation.
PROMOTES HEALTHY CORTISOL LEVELS: Our Adrenal Health supplement is formulated to promote balanced cortisol response, a powerful hormone released during times of stress. With ingredients like Thiamine, Niacin, Vitamin B12, and Eleutherococcus Extract, we’ve carefully selected each ingredient to help regulate stress and ensure your adrenal gland is functioning at its best.
HELPS FIGHT FATIGUE & HAVE MORE ENERGY: All of our ingredients work synergistically together to help fight adrenal fatigue and help support optimal adrenal function to keep your body balanced and avoid being overworked.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Dietary supplement guaranteed to be FREE of corn, milk, soy, salt, yeast, sugar, wheat, artificial flavors or preservatives. Raw Whole-Food Based Formula with Probiotics & Enzymes. Vegetarian. CoEnzymated.
THE EMERALD LABORATORIES MISSION/PROMISE: Emerald Laboratories is committed to creating only clean, additive-free products. You can be 100% certain that our ingredients are offered to you in the purest form possible.